is owned by Gannett Media Corp.

At Gannett Media Corp., our mission is to deliver high quality and trusted journalism, products and services that enrich the communities we serve – our readers, commercial partners, employees and investors.

Gannett Media Corp. is one of the largest publishers of locally-based media in the United States. We publish more than 261 daily newspapers that reach more than 140 million people.

UpCurve, a Gannett subsidiary which provides marketing, digital solutions and cloud services to small and mid-sized businesses, continues to grow. UpCurve's businesses leverage Gannett Media Corp.'s core strengths. Currently, those businesses include ThriveHive, Gannett Auto and, W-Systems and ViWO.

While we have experienced significant growth over the last several years, we continually strive to make ourselves not just a bigger company, but a stronger one.


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